Product: Project Finance: Long Term Senior Loan
Role: Mandated Lead Arranger
Total project cost: USD 30MM
Environmental Category:  B
Impact: 215 Telecommunications Towers
Financial clousure:  2020

CIFI structured and arranged up to US$ 15MM in senior debt in benefit of Innovattel LLC, for the construction and operation of 215 “built-to-suit” telecommunication towers to be rented to the country’s mobile network Altice, Claro and Viva, and to be in diverse geographical locations across the Dominican Republic.

Innovattel is a company dedicated to building, operating, making efficient, growing, and subsequent sale of telecommunication asset portfolios. The company was founded in 2013, with its parent company in Puerto Rico, which consolidated all operations in Latin America that were under the brand Torresec.

Innovattel has developed more than 1,000 communication towers to the most important service providers in the region and It was the first to develop this business model in Argentina, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Paraguay, and Puerto Rico.minicana, Paraguay y Puerto Rico.