CIFI´ s Human Resources Department has the responsibility to act as a strategic partner of the business, identifying and acquiring the appropriate and qualified talent for each work unit.

Part of our commitment is to develop our team by providing the necessary digital tools and know-how, thus promoting professional and personal growth within the company, keeping us aligned with corporate objectives.

It is our priority to work to maintain a dynamic and collaborative work environment, ensuring that the organizational climate promotes productivity and motivates employee behavior to reflect the company’s values and mission.

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    Chantal Henry

    Human Resources

    Chantal has been the leader in the Human Resources area since 2018, acting as a strategic partner to identify and ensure that the company has and maintains the best talent, while developing different strategies in line with CIFI’s corporate objectives and goals.

    She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing, as well as multiple certifications in the Human Resources area; she has more than 10 years of experience in functional areas of human resources, having worked in multinational companies.

    At CIFI, she leads the internal Committee for Organizational Culture and Social Responsibility and is a member of the Gender Committee.

    Consistent with her management style, she prioritizes maintaining a dynamic and collaborative work environment, ensuring an organizational climate that promotes productivity and motivation in work teams in a transversal manner.

    Chantal Henry

    Human Resources Manager