Product: Corporate Loan
Total project cost: USD 282MM
Environmental category: B
Impact: Jobs: 977 direct and 165 indirect. Enable shipping companies to serve the Dominica Republic with larger Panamax size vessels and gain economies of scale. 
Financial clousure:  2004 – 2012

DP World Caucedo is a world-class marine terminal and free zone, located in Punta Caucedo, near the city of Santo Domingo, which is the political and commercial capital of the country. It is part of DP World portfolio of marine terminals, a global leader in terminal operations.

Caucedo completed construction and commenced operations in December 2003, and today, is one of the largest container port terminals in the Caribbean region and the largest in the Dominican Republic. It is the only deep-draft container port terminal in the Dominican Republic that can efficiently service larger mainline vessels, and it is the only terminal that can offer its customers O&D and transshipment needs.

In November 2012, the port’s project loan was refinanced and CIFI was invited to participate with US$10 MM in a US$150 MM syndicated corporate loan co-arranged by Citibank and Bank of Nova Scotia.