Product: Project Finance: 7-year amortizing notes
Role: Mandated lead arranger
Total project cost: USD 200MM 
Impact: 1,700,000 m3 of effluents were pre-treated benefitting over a thousand customers in the Sao Paulo Municipality in 2018.
Financial clousure:  2004

CIFI and Eurovest, as Mandated Lead Arrangers, structured the issuance of 7-year amortizing US$14.2MM notes by Attend Ambiental, S.A. which will be structured by means of the issuance of two or more notes by the Issuer which will be purchased by CIFI. The proceeds will be used by ATTEND for the construction, operation, and maintenance, of a wastewater pre-treatment and sludge conditioning plant.

Estre Ambiental S.A. and Compañia de Saneamiento Basico do Estado de Sao Paulo (SABESP) are the sponsors for Attend Ambiental S.A. The project consists in the construction, operation, and maintenance of an effluent pre-treatment and sludge conditioning plant, with capacity to handle 9,500 m3of non-domestic effluent per day, in Barueri, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The project was designed to provide support to customers generating effluents that needed pre-treatment before entering Sao Paulo’s system. Attend offers customers guarantee of compliance with environmental legislation through the issuance of certificates that attest to the correct treatment of their effluents.

The plant has 6 pre-treatment lines for the following types of effluents:

  • High Organic Load / Green Line
  • High solids load / Brown line
  • Inorganic / Yellow line
  • High content of oils and greases / Grey line
  • Volatile Organics / Blue Line
  • Sludge Dehydration / Red Line