• CIFI finances a 19 MWac distributed solar portfolio owned and operated by Origo Energia. The financing is provided by CIFI Latam, S.A., and the CIFI Sustainable Infrastructure Debt Fund, which aims to finance sustainable infrastructure. The total amount of the financing is US$19 million.


Financing Details: A Cornerstone for Sustainable Development

September 2023, Brazil — CIFI Services S.A. has arranged a senior loan of up to US$19 million to finance a portfolio of eight small DG photovoltaic projects operated and owned by Órigo Energia (EBES Sistema de Energía S.A). These projects are in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, with a combined capacity of 25.8 MWp (19.0 MWac). The project benefits from Órigo Energía’s extensive experience in the solar sector, along with its robust retail market platform and customer base.

“CIFI Sustainable Infrastructure Debt Fund emerges as a responsible option for financing new alternatives in the renewable space in Brazil and Latin America,” remarks Jorge Palomeque of CIFI.


The Sustainable Impact: More Than Just Numbers

“This project is more than an investment; it’s an initiative with palpable benefits for the general public. Expected to generate 51,049 MWh/year of renewable energy, the project aims to avoid 30,113 tCO2eq of GHG emissions, benefiting 19,485 individuals with more affordable green energy. Furthermore, this endeavor contributes to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 7, 8, 11, and 12, and aligns with the Paris Agreement positively contributing to climate change mitigation,” says Maria Vega from CIFI.

An Open Invitation to Co-Create the Future, CIFI’s Sustainable Infrastructure Debt Fund

“With this first successful closing, we share the success with our current investors and invite new potential investors and partners to join our fund initiative,” said Javier Escorriola, Managing Partner for CIFI Asset Management Ltd.


About Órigo Energía

Órigo Energía is a pioneer in Brazil’s distributed solar energy space, leading the market with over 100,000 residential and business clients. It is committed to generating clean, accessible, and efficient customer power. With operations in multiple states in Brazil, the company stands for excellence in customer experience and sustainable innovation.

More info: www.origoenergia.com.br

About CIFI

CIFI is a leader in infrastructure and energy financing across Latin America and the Caribbean. With involvement in over 200 transactions valued at more than US$1.8 billion, CIFI has mobilized over US$20 billion in capital since 2001. CIFI finances through its own balance sheet as a non-banking financial institution and through managed funds.

More info: www.cifi.com

About CIFI’s Sustainable Infrastructure Debt Fund, LP

The CIFI Sustainable Infrastructure Debt Fund is tailored to support infrastructure projects that are both economically feasible and environmentally and socially responsible, reinforcing CIFI’s continued commitment to sustainable investment.

More info: https://cifi.com/am/sustainable-fund-investment/