Product: Project Finance – Long term Senior Loan
Role: Mandated Lead Arranger
Financing amount: USD 24.6MM
Environmental category:  B
Impact:  11,934 People benefited from access to clean energy per year
Financial clousure:  2020

CIFI structured a US$ 17.2MM senior loan in favor of Gestion Solar S.A., a company incorporated and existing under the laws of the Republic of Chile for the development, construction, and operation of five photovoltaic (PV) generation plants.

Gestion solar, established on December 16, 2003, has two main purposes (i) the engineering, construction, assembly, sale, operation, and maintenance of solar energy systems for electrical and thermal generation; and (ii) the import, export, and commercialization of projects and components for solar generation systems.


The project’s assets are in three different geographic areas in the Valparaíso and Libertador General Bernardo O’Higgins regions within a 100 km radius of Santiago, Chile. The portfolio is composed of the following assets, all of which will sell energy under the “Proyectos de Pequeña y Medianas Generadoras Distribuidas – PMGD” framework:


– Planta Piquero I: 3.5MW plant, located in Casablanca, Valparaiso.

– Guadalao: 3.80 MW power plant in Cachapoal, O’Higgins.

– Rinconada Norte: 3.70 MW power plant in San Felipe, Valparaiso.

– Rinconada Sur: 3.70 MW power plant in San Felipe, Valparaiso.

– Gran Piquero: 8.10 MW power plant, Casablanca.