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CIFI’s shareholders’ agreement and its Articles of Incorporation define the structure of corporate governance.
The Corporate governance of CIFI aims to ensure full transparency based on international standards, enabling the effective participation of shareholders, helping CIFI to fulfill its mission, operating in accordance with its policies and carrying out its strategy, to increase the level of efficiency and effectiveness in the performance of all of CIFI’s activities.
With these objectives, the corporate governance structure of CIFI is as follows:

Board of Directors

Name Company
Antti Urvas FINNFUND
Daniel Best Caribank
Javier Escorriola (President) NORFUND
Joaquim Saldanha de Souza CAIXA
Jose Felix Magaña BCIE
Juan Gonzalo Sierra de Banistmo
Judith de Barany IFC
Mauricio Orellana Independent
Per Aage Jacobsen Independent

Credit Committee

Name Company
César Cañedo-Arguelles CIFI
Javier Escorriola NORFUND
Roxana Cárdenas Banistmo
John Beckham Independent
Mauricio Orellana Independent

Auditor Committee

Name Company
Antti Urvas FINNFUND
Joaquim Saldanha de Souza CAIXA
Judith de Barany ICF


The CIFI team is divided into five main working areas that work in coordination to achieve the overall goals of the company.

Investment Team: Led by Gary Gómez, Ramon Candia and Iván Núñez, made up of investment officers and associates.
Risk Team: spearheaded by Fabio Arciniegas, includes risk and portfolio managers together with social and environmental officials.
Legal Team: Headed by José Salaverría, made up of project lawyers and external legal advisors.
Financial Team: As Chief financial officer, Arturo de Bernard directs the department, which is at the expense of the accounting, financial reports and management of the liquidity.
Investor Relations: Cristina Jiménez is the person in charge of the fund raising across institutional, cardinal investors and institutions.

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