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CIFI is the leading non-bank financial institution in middle market infrastructure and energy financing in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Founded in 2001, CIFI has distinct experience in the sector, as it has participated in funding more than 200 infrastructure projects that have played a key role in the development of the Region. The value of these loans amounts are over US$1.5 billion dollars.

With an unpatrolled level of specialization within the market CIFI is the benchmark in its scope of action. The profile of the shareholding group, composed of commercial banks, multilateral institutions and sovereign funds, is unique in the industry and provides a greater syndication ability when it comes to capturing funding.


CIFI specializes in three key areas: Infrastructure, Middle Market, Latin America and the Caribbean

Our Services are dual-focused:

Structuring and Syndication
We help business and developers with loans for new and expansion projects


Senior Debt and Subordinated Debt Loans
We help small businesses and enterprises finance infrastructure projects in the Region

Scope of Action

Latin America and the Caribbean require large investments that promote sustainable development throughout the whole Region.

Throughout its history, CIFI has acted as a catalyst for such investment. Since 2001, the company has evaluated more than 600 transactions and has funded over 180 projects worth more than US$1.5 billion dollars.

Areas of action include: energy, oil and gas, transportation, logistics, telecommunications, construction and engineering sectors.

Social and Environmental Commitment

Latin America and the Caribbean are home to some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. Making growth needs compatible with the protection of the natural and social environment is a challenge for the sustainable development of the Region.

CIFI has adopted the Equator Principles (EP), a set of guidelines designed by the World Bank, to ensure that only projects that are managed with social and environmental responsibility criteria are granted funding.

How Does CIFI Validate Its Operations?

1. All loans handled are subject to the strict evaluation criteria of the CIFI Risk Unit

2. The legal counsel of CIFI and a panel of external experts also check each case to validate their feasibility and repayment capacity

3. A Due Diligence process (social and environmental, technical, financial and legal) is conducted for each project to reduce risks. An independent and thorough evaluation of each transaction is carried out

4. Once the documentation for each operation has been completed accordingly, each case is analyzed by the Credit Committee of CIFI

Major Geographical Areas Where CIFI Operates

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