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In addition to advising multiple institutions in structuring financing, at CIFI we work hard to identify investment opportunities for potential investors.

Our main tasks in this area include:

  • Advice to governments, enterprises and developers in structuring bank financing for new or expansion projects
  • Identification of investment opportunities for potential investors
  • Association with Equity players in the Region
  • Development of Public-Private Partnerships


The company offers loans to small and medium enterprises to finance infrastructure projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. This may include the participation of CIFI in the financing, arrangements for loan syndication (in order for a group of lending entities to provide funding) or to facilitate access to funding from multilateral entities (as some of them are part of our shareholding structure).

Our main loan and syndication services include:

  • Project financing
  • Syndication capacity
  • Optimization of debt and capital structure
  • Access to multilateral funds



CIFI raises capital by leveraging its strategic relationships and long-standing reputation

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