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Throughout its history, CIFI has analyzed more than 600 infrastructure projects of which it has approved more than 180, committing more than $ 1,3 billion dollars. All projects stand out for their technical, economic and environmental quality standards and belong to key sectors such as transportation, logistics, energy, water or telecommunications.

The market segment in which CIFI operates is that of small and medium infrastructure, which means that it supports and finances infrastructure, which in general, represents an investment of 200 million dollars.

The company has developed a proprietary monitoring system that qualifies operations according to their creditworthiness.

CIFI, as member of the Equator Principles club, applies strict social and environmental guidelines and only approves private projects that are based on social responsibility.







Hydroelectric energy

Thermal energy

Alternative fuels

Power generation equipment

Transmission and distribution



Mobile telephone operators

Cable / TV / Telephone

Technology information services

Gas y petroleo


Exploration and production

Sales and distribution





Construction and engineering

Construction materials

Infrastructure conglomerates

Real estate development







Logistics centers



Water and sanitation

Social infrastructure






ADASA – Atlantic Highway. Providing the backbone to the Tourist Corridor of Honduras.

CIFI has successfully closed a project of US$ 145 million with Autopistas del Atlántico, S.A. (“ADASA”) for the design, construction, equipment and commissioning of the Tourist Corridor project, a 220-km highway in northern Honduras (Departments of Cortes, Yoro and Atlantida). Of the 220 km, 99 km will be expanded and modernized, 6 will be newly built and nearly 115 will only be rehabilitated.

This is one of the most outstanding projects awarded under the recent Law of Public-Private Partnership Promotion (“PPP”) in the country, being the second largest PPP project based on investment value.

COLD WATER – Photovoltaic Plant Clean and affordable energy for Honduras.

CIFI participates in a project for Producción de Energía Solar y Demás Renovables, S.A. by CV (“PRODERSA”), a Honduran company, to finance the construction, operation and maintenance of the solar photovoltaic plant NACOME II – AGUAFRÍA. The project will have a net installed capacity of 49.9MW, covering approximately 85 hectares.

The energy matrix in Honduras depends primarily on thermal power plants with high energy prices at peak hours. A total of 600 MW in Power Purchase Agreements have been granted by the ENEE (regulating authority). Ideally these solar projects will replace a large part of the most expensive thermal capacity to be operating during most of the day at peak hours.

CAUCEDO PORT – Construction and operation of a port in the Dominican Republic.
The gateway for trade into the Dominican Republic.

The Caucedo Port project was a new investment operation which involved building a container port in the Caucedo Peninsula, 24 km east of the city of Santo Domingo, capital of Dominican Republic.

Caucedo Port has now been built, it is in operation, and it is expected to become one of the leading container ports in the country in terms of capacity (1.7 million units equivalent to 20-foot TEU), of its proximity to the city of Santo Domingo, the most dynamic economic center of the Dominican Republic, and of its advanced technology facilities and productivity levels.

FERROCARRIL CENTRAL ANDINO – Railroad Freight Project in Peru. The railway of the Andes.

One of the first projects structured by CIFI was the financing of the world’s largest freight railroad, in Peru. This entailed a loan of US$ 21 million for Ferrocarril Central Andino, a company founded in 1999, which won the concession of the Peruvian State for 30 years for the exploitation and administration of the freight railway. It is a railroad with capacity to transport 120 million tons per year along a railway line of 496 km that services the departments of Lima, Junín and Cerro de Pasco.

CIFI evaluated, structured and syndicated financing the project with a European bilateral institution.

CEPM – Power Distribution Project in the Dominican Republic. Energy for the tourism sector in the Dominican Republic.

CIFI granted a loan of US$ 10 million dollars to the Consorcio Energético Punta Cana Macao (CEPM), a privately-owned public utility company engaged in the business of generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy in the Dominican Republic through an independent electric supply network. CEPM has supplied an efficient and reliable electricity service for the hotel sector in the region of Punta Cana-Bávaro, one of the main tourist destinations in Dominican Republic. CIFI helped finance a capital investment program to build and operate a 138 KW electricity transmission, 117 km long and with a capacity of 125 MW (megawatts) independent from the interconnected electricity network in the Dominican Republic.

BELIZE SUGAR INDUSTRIES – Cogeneration Plant. State of the art technology for the industry of Belize.

CIFI was hired by Belize Sugar Industries, the largest sugar factory in Belize, to structure the financing of a power generation plant. Belcogen was established to operate the plant, using bagasse, the resulting residue after extracting sugar cane.

CIFI organized the syndication loan of US$ 15 million dollars of senior debt and subordinated debt along with two international financial institutions. This is an example of technological innovation promoted by CIFI, because with this operation it introduced this technology in the region which has since been replicated by other sugar mills.

ICA – Construction and infrastructure in Mexico and Peru. Promoting housing in Peru.

CIFI worked as an advisor to ICA, a major construction and infrastructure conglomerate in Mexico, to support the structuring of financing for investments of its subsidiary in a housing construction company in Peru.

CIFI structured and arranged a loan of US$ 14.5 million for the company.

Hydroelectric plant in Ecuador Energy that takes advantage of natural resources.

CIFI contributed US$ 5 million dollars in a funding US$ 33 million dollars to build a 37 MW hydroelectric power plant in Ecuador. It was a very successful project that involved a plant for water derivation employment of the Abanico River to generate electricity.

The project was implemented in two phases: the first entailed the construction of the plant and all related major civil works such as dam, catchment channel, generating facility and tunnel. The second phase involved the civil works associated with achieving a facility with a 37 MW capacity. The plant was completed in the estimated time and is operating successfully.

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