CIFI recently published its 2018 Environmental & Social Annual Report that shows how CIFI has integrated environmental, social, and governance factors in its investment cycle through concrete actions and policies. The report consolidates the results of these actions and reinforces the organization’s commitment to transparency and responsible financing.

Our market, region, and society demand that we work comprehensively to address global challenges such as climate change, gender equality, indigenous consultation, and biodiversity protection, to name a few. Therefore, CIFI has been expanding its vision beyond risk, serving as a driving force rendering a positive impact on all its ventures.

In January 2018, CIFI consolidated its commitment to creating an Environmental, Social and Governance Department (ESG), independent of the Risk Department, joining the management team. This decision is consistent with global trends and the long-term sustainability vision of the organization.

César Cañedo-Argüelles, CIFI’s CEO, indicated “we are eager to transform actions implemented during 2018 into successful results in all the projects and initiatives that CIFI finances ”.

On her side, Carla Chízmar, Director of the ESG Department stated, “we are sure that our ESG vision is a central pillar for our organization and our differentiating factor in the Latin American and Caribbean financial sector.”

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