CIFI carried out a beach cleanup in Veracruz at the end of March, with the collaboration of MiMar Foundation, a community movement focused on ocean preservation. This is the second year that CIFI participates in a beach cleanup, reflecting CIFI’s team commitment to the environment.

CIFI’s team and their families participated in the beach cleanup, contributing to the collection of 1,380 pounds of waste. Additionally, the activity included basic home recycling training and workshops for children on recycled material.


The oceans, source of life, are currently in crisis due to the high contamination of plastics existing worldwide. Small actions such as preventing these wastes from reaching out our seas, is part of leaving a better planet for future generations. The above is complemented by the Corporate Recycling Program that CIFI is implementing within its offices, raising awareness among its employees and actively carrying out actions that contribute to protecting the environment.

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