The first week of February, CIFI welcomed SustainAbility experts to thoroughly work on CIFI’s current state analysis and the establishment of a frame of reference to develop a holistic strategy of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) for the group.

SustainAbility is a consulting company and think-tank of British origin, specialized in offering services focused on integrating sustainability strategies in businesses and creating innovative solutions.

CIFI, as a member of Equator Principles (EP) Association since 2007, is a business that is committed to environmental sustainability, in which environmental and social risks mitigation is essential for credit processes. Over the years, CIFI has established itself as a leader in this area and has decided to undertake a new path by raising its standards even further, building a long-term vision with the support of its key partners, such as ResponsAbility and SustainAbility.

This first phase of collaboration provided important results that will be the basis for the development of its ESG strategy. CIFI was able to identify its strong areas, as well as those desired improvements in order to continue financing sustainable infrastructure, which provides a competitive advantage.

CIFI’s has chosen the path of environmental and social sustainability, transparency and impact creation as distinctive characteristics, proving once again that it can contribute to sustainable development from private banking.

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