CIFI strengthened its commitment to gender equality during Women’s History Month by officially adopting its Gender Equality Policy, which ensures that men and women have equal opportunities and representation at every level of the organization.

CIFI is a company that is determined to contribute to this necessary transformational change and is aware of the importance of equality as a fundamental element for sustainable development.
The principles of this gender policy are summarized as follows:

  • Gender equality as an organizational value.
  • Gender equality as a means to strengthening CIFI’s overall global performance.
  • Gender equality as a benefit to society via capacity-building, promoting empowerment, and improving women and men’s quality of life.

The above is already reflected within the company, since it has 50% women and 50% men in its workforce.
“This policy emphatically encourages female talent and a balanced participation among colleagues” highlighted Neila Urriola, Treasurer at CIFI. She expressed that CIFI promotes women’s participation in projects and sectors where they are underrepresented, such as construction and engineering. Neila also stressed the fact that it is an innovative policy, mainly because the region has not made significant progress in the area.

Iriana Tarte, Portfolio Risk Officer at CIFI, emphasized that the gender policy is “focused on the internal aspects of the organization.” This fact can be observed in the commitments acquired by the company such as equal remuneration, capacity-building for professional development and equality in safety and occupational health. In addition, balance related to family care responsibilities will be encouraged, both for women and men.

The first phase of the gender strategy will be implemented in the next 3 years (2019 – 2021) within the workplace, making an effort to integrate our clients. The strategy will be constantly reviewed, all in order to improve day by day and become an increasingly inclusive company.

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