Since its foundation, CIFI has implemented a sustainability policy in all its operations. This approach considers environmental, social and governance aspects for infrastructure and energy financing in Latin America and the Caribbean.

CIFI applies the highest standards within the financial sector as an active member of Equator Principles since 2007 and follows the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Environmental and Social Performance Standards. Through these guidelines and principles, CIFI strengthens sustainability and development in the region, while reducing risks and increasing returns for all of its investments.

In order to support this commitment, CIFI created the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) unit in 2018, as a department at top management level. This provides the opportunity to collaborate with strategic partners, such as: responsAbility (Manager of the Global Climate Partnership Fund) and SustainAbility (International Advisor). The objective of these partnerships is to develop a comprehensive strategy that positions CIFI as a leader in the application of best sustainable investment practices in the regional market.

Our ESG Policy recognizes climate change as a global issue in which the private sector’s role is fundamental to achieve regional balance. For this reason, CIFI encourages economies with low carbon emissions through financing renewable and clean energy projects. Additionally, the company is firmly committed to become an agent of progress in emerging regional markets. CIFI promotes respect for human rights, gender equality, transparency, good corporate governance, as well as participation of the stakeholders.

When CIFI decided to move its HQ to Panama in 2016, the firm followed its environmental commitment by choosing the MMG Tower. The building, located in Costa del Este, is LEED® Gold Certified due to its sustainable construction. Moreover, CIFI has implemented a “Green Office” concept based on an energy efficiency system such as light sensors, among other initiatives.

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